Dump truck

Yeahhhh...... maybe this isn't the right article name but I'll go with it.

The Peterbilt Dump is the only dump truck in this game and it only appears in Miami, which is really sad. Blame the producers. What also is sad is that the truck doesn't have a tailgate in the back (stupid) which makes it prone for loads to slip out. Anyways, what do I mean by "loads"? You can't put anything in the back, due to the developer's I.Q's. Whatever you try to put would only slip out.

Stats Edit

The truck is slow. But on the bright side, it is very heavy, also making it a perfect weapon to terrorize civilians and the police force. It has a wide turning radius.

Peds driving this truck deserve death. Why? They almost drive at 15mph even on highways! The fastest they'll probably go is 29mph.