Dodge Challenger

This is his car.

The Dodge Challenger is Tanner's main car in Miami. It resembles one from the 1970s.

Stats Edit

What is there to say about this car? All I know is that it is a fast car yet irl it is such a gasaholic. C'mon, you can tell by its engine noise, and how it is a V8. It has a small turning radius and is the best choice for if you wanna make a 70's style car chase with the film director.

Trivia Edit

  • Tanner will mercilessly decapitate anybody who wrecks his car, even by accident. That's just one way to show his mentality and his love for this car.
    • This is his prime vehicle if he wants to play "detective" or "dark rider", some whacky games he made up by himself. One slight mistake and he takes his anger out on the city.
  • I once druggied up the files of this game and the police officers were now driving black challengers, just like Tanner's. Don't ask which files I messed up.
  • He uses this car as his private restroom.