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Hello there, this wiki is dedicated to talking about the corruption of a poor excuse of a video game called "Driv3r". It's pronounced Driv-Three-Err but the cunts at Reflections thought it was "hip" to replace the "e" with "3".

This thing is still under construction because it is still new, but ehhh, just wait until I update it if I can.

Why is Driv3r what it is? Edit

Driv3r (or "Driv THREE er", or "Drive the bang bang to the top of the ceiling) is a video game made by Atari and Reflections in 2004 or 2005, for the PC, Xbox, PS2, and GameBoy. I'm not going to go in depth of who did what and what with the development and whatever, because I don't really feel like putting all that shit down on here.

So let's start off on the story a little bit. A mentally challenged officer named John Tanner who works for the Miami P.D was assigned some job to go hunt for some guys and a girl who want to transport cars worth millions of dollars across Europe and eventually into Istanbul. So Tanner decides to play hero until he fucking gets shot. But hey, he managed to hospitalize Jericho, one of the people in the gang. I know there is much more

What makes this thing infamous is the large amount of glitches, mega shitty AI behavior that you actually start to question the name "artificial intelligence", shitty cars, lack of detail to the environment, and the controls.

It's DRIVER, just turn the 3 around.

List of vehicles Edit

If you wanna see all of the vehicles, since I'm still having a difficult time understanding a wiki that doesn't wanna cooperate with me, I'll put the list here. It will be taken away later after I decipher it further.

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