Gold coast hotel

The Gold Coast Hotel is a hotel that you can enter in this game. It first appears in the mission "Rooftops", where you had to go and kill a lot of guys for just one simple car and bring it back to Badhand, Lomaz, and Calita.

In Take A Ride mode, you can enter the hotel. You can actually enter some of the rooms too, but due to the lack of knowledge of the developers (as always), most of the rooms you can't enter. You can only walk through the hallways, which gets boring really quickly.

There is an elevator that works in the mission, but it can't work in Take A Ride mode. And to make matters worse, there is a Timmy in there. Atari, why do you want to piss off the players so much to a non-operating elevator with a Timmy in it? Do you want us to pee in anger? And there is a garage that opens in the Rooftops mission, but is inoperable in Take A Ride mode. Another thing that adds to why this game is so corrupted, but it is certainly not #1, as that is something else.

Gold Coast Hotel 2