Ford Mustang

This is it

The Ford Mustang is a common car that only appears in the city of Miami. Everything about it is a Mustang, so why did the developers try to hide it by giving the car lined headlights and some other name that can't really be read? I mean.... the beta version of this game didn't even hide what made this car a mustang. But always, as usual, thank the developers!

Stats n' Junk Edit

The car is a gas guzzler, due to its loud engine sound and how fast it is. I mean it's obvious. The car only comes in black, yellow, red, green. No white or blue or any other color because of course the developers were in a big rush. It has a small turning radius.

Issues Edit

This car is a very common car alongside the taxi and van. Whichever game you start, wherever, there is always this car strolling by. What makes it worse is when you start off a new game with this as the beginning car, as there will be other peds driving this car everywhere. It's almost impossible to escape. Why does this city like these cars so much?